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■研究内容・どういったデザインを学ぶスタジオか (About our studio)

Spatial Design explores the overlapping boundaries between architecture, art and design, with a desire to find new ways to merge them together and create new types of spatial experiences. We investigate the influences of evolving technologies and search for ways to create interactive spaces that respond to people and the environment. We balance technology with a respect for nature and an appreciation of physical materials that appeal to the senses and reference our rich cultural heritage. Ultimately, our purpose is to create environments that are imbued with meaning, and that inspire new ways of seeing, interpreting and experiencing the built environment.

Spatial Design students have the opportunity to visit architectural sites and art and design exhibitions in Japan and abroad, including a trip to New York City in February.

■学外での活動について (About our project)

Tokyo Designer’s Week
Spatial Design students designed and built a project for Tokyo Designer’s week in which they reinterpreted the aesthetics of traditional Japanese architecture. They created a contemplative space infused by light, a Japanese maple tree and shadows. The work was inspired by the branches of the maple tree and the book In Praise of Shadows by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki. The structure was designed to be lightweight, transportable and easily assembled and disassembled.
Interactive Modular Screen Structure (IMSS)
The Spatial Design Studio is conducting a joint research project with the Interactive Art Studio taught by Professor Kumiko Kushiyama, and the Interface Design Studio taught by Associate Professor Tetsuaki Baba. The research integrates interactive media technologies, such as programmable motion actuators, LED pixel lighting, motion detectors and light sensors, into the design of architectural modular screen systems.

■どのような研究機材があるか (What machines do you have in the studio?)

・ Many Lights
・ Scuba camera
・ A3 printer
・ Scanner

■進路・就職先 (Course after graduation)

Tanseisya, Space, Fujiya, Murayama, Itoki, Norura Duo, etc.

■担当教員名とプロフィール (Profile about teachers)

Verl Adams

Verl Adams is an architect and photographer. He investigates the perception of light through architectural space, and explores the capacity of architecture to create environments that increase our awareness of relationships between humans and nature, earth and sky, through spatial elements that capture and modulate the sun’s light. Before teaching at Tokyo Metropolitan University Verl taught architectural design at the University of Utah School of Architecture in the United States, and he worked as an architect and photographer in his studio in Salt Lake City, and in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.